Cosmo Plasma Fibroblast (Treatment) – Wolverhampton

Perfection for less

Saggy/excess upper eyelid skin (upper bleph)

Baggy lower eyelid skin (lower bleph)

Crows feet 

Small skin lesions, warts, superficial moles and xanthelasma

Lines and wrinkles across the top lip (smokers lines)

Fibroblast Lip Flip


Can it help smoker's lines too?

Yes - The smoker's lines or "bar-code" wrinkles in your upper lip can age your appearance dramatically. Worse still you may never even have been a “smoker” but have the lines due to sun exposure, air pollution and or even stress.

Now with Plasma technology we can reduce smoker’s lines with ease. The beauty is that the results are permanent but do not stop the ageing process so longevity of results are based dependent on how you age.


What is the Lip Flip?

More lip show without adding fillers. Also works great if you do have lip fillers, to give maximum impact without lumps or excessive poutiness. Doctor-treated with us using the most advanced Cosmo Plasma device from Germany.

BooshTOX approved, so as always,  #noducksgiven


Specialist Doctor treatment: Precise & natural results
Comfortable treatment - local anaesthetic used
Effective: Able to smooth lines and wrinkles & remove excess skin
Safe and accurate: Very low risk procedure

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How much does it cost?

From £175

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We use genuine German-made Plasma Pen technology - "Cosmo Plasma".

This platform allows fine control using validated equipment and precise disposable tips

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