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What is EMFACE?

  • EMFACE uses a blend of synchronised radio-frequency (RF) and HIFES-brand energies to provide a highly effective no-needle facelift.
  • The RF gently heats your collagen and elastin fibres, while HIFES™ stimulation delivers numerous pulses in each session causing the facial muscles to gently contract, resulting in a lifted, toned and refreshed appearance.

How does it work?

By emitting both synchronised RF and HIFES energies, EMFACE treatment can effectively target both the skin and muscles, resulting in a reduction of wrinkles and fine lines while contouring, tightening the skin and enhancing the facial structure.

What happens during my treatment?
  • EMFACE combines two known effective treatments into one. The radio frequency element warms up the muscle so that the stimulus can comfortably produce thousands of contractions to 100% of the muscle’s potential.

  • The treatment is completed in just 20 minutes.
Is there any downtime?
  • There is no downtime with EMFACE and you can return to your daily activities from the next day.

  • For 72 hours,  heat extremes such as prolonged sun exposure, strenuous exercise, taking saunas or using steam rooms are to be avoided.

  • Some muscle aching and tenderness in treatment area are to be expected but this is normal and will subside in a few days.
How many sessions will I need?
  • For most clients, 4 treatments. Sessions are performed every 1-2 weeks.
  • Less sessions needed if other similar methods used previously or more if presenting with advanced facial ageing.

  • Maintenance - single session once or twice a year.
When will I see my EMFACE results?
  • Most individuals typically report positive results within four to six weeks after their final session, and these improvements continue to enhance over the subsequent weeks.
Is this better than HIFU or RF Microneedling?
  • Whilst we love HIFU and continue to offer it, we love EMFACE for being the rejuvenation technology for now.

  • Simply put, EMFACE the most advanced, non-invasive and highly effective facelift you can receive outside of an operating theatre.
Is this better than a thread lift?
  • Whilst thread lifts can produce a significant and immediate elevation of the facial tissues, we favour EMFACE for being the completely non-invasive.

  • Thread lifts are rather invasive, often with significant swelling and bruising following treatment. EMFACE does not cause this.

  • We find that EMFACE is overall a more suitable fit for our patients, many of whom want stealthy treatments and to leave the clinic comfortably and without a mark
I have fillers and botox. Is this still right for me?

If you already have popular aesthetic treatments like botox, fillers, profhilo, dna polynucleotides injections, EMFACE is completely compatible.

It will not reduce the benefits of these injections and which actually complement them perfectly!





How much does it cost?

From just £395 per session. A course of treatment is recommended for most clients. 

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image of woman who is receiving EMFACE wolverhampton facelifts treatment to her face
before and after image of woman who has received EMFACE wolverhampton facelifts treatment to her face giving great jowls lifting effect
before and after image of woman who has received EMFACE wolverhampton facelifts treatment to her double chin giving great improvement
EMFACE Wolverhampton facelifts info graphic with changes that are expected
before and after image of woman who has received EMFACE wolverhampton facelifts treatment to her face giving great jowls lifting effect
Image credit: Dr Jennifer Levine
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