For excellent natural looking results. We produce a marked improvement in the lines of the face from a gentle softening to complete disappearance depending on the clients wishes. Frown lines and crows feet will be heavily reduced if not disappear completely and the effects of B0T0X from a reputable provider will be subtle and not plastic looking.


3 Areas, 2 Areas, 1 Areas, Hyperhidrosis, Masseters

with Extras:

NONE, 1 Additional Area, 2 Additional Areas

BOTOX Genuine/Branded – Treatment Session

BOTOX treatment using genuine superior toxin from Allergan.

We do not use other toxins such as Azzalure.

Longstanding, natural results.

FREE consultation included.

FREE credit for 30 days.

Low interest rates from 1% per month if you need longer.

Finance Calculator HERE


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