We provide medical grade tattoo with high flow air cooling for maximum comfort. Our tattoo removal uses gold standard Active Q-Switched Laser Technology.

This tried and tested technique is used across the globe and targets the pigment in black/blue as well as multi-coloured tattoos including oranges, browns, greens, sky blues, violets and more.

Modern laser equipment like ours keeps the number of treatment sessions as low as possible and maximises safety including rapid recovery and no downtime.

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how does laser tattoo removal work?

Our Q-switched laser machine identifies tattoo inks as foreign material in the skin. Laser light reaches the pigment in your tattoo's ink, causing it to shatter. This is known as a photo-acoustic effect. Yes - you can literally hear it happening! Your white blood cells find the fragments of pigment and can now effectively move them away from the skin, eventually leaving your body by your urinary system.

Before commencing treatment you will attend for a free consultation to assess your requirements. We will estimate the approximate number of sessions for best results and work out the most cost effective way to get there.

does it hurt?

This treatment can be briefly uncomfortable – the sensation can be similar to that of getting a tattoo but much much quicker. If required, pre-numbing with local anaesthetic creams is available.

To make it even easier, with have a brand new air cooling machine. This blows intensely cooled air (down to -40 deg C) for a highly effective numbing of the skin during the treatment.

how many sessions will i need?

Our Active Q-Switched laser machine is a medical-grade laser that makes light work of even the most stubborn inks. The number of sessions needed depends on: the type and size of the tattoo, density of ink used and your skin type.

For most tattoos, as a guide, min. 6-8 treatments; once every 8 weeks.

Is there any downtime?

Redness, swelling, and frosting over the tattoo is expected after treatment indicating appropriate power used and good targeting of the tattoo. Scabbing over of the treatment area will usually occur. Full and clear aftercare instruction are provided by your therapist.

will my tattoo disappear completely?

Results do vary from person to person with significant reduction usually being achievable for most and even full disappearance with an adequate number of sessions.

Results can typically be seen from the very first treatment.

do i need a patch test? is it free?

All new clients require a pre treatment patch even if you have received laser treatment elsewhere before.

Your patch test is complimentary prior to treatment. Your first treatment can then take place no less than 24h from the patch test.

As with all our appointments, to book in, a refundable deposit of £50 is processed via our booking site and can be used against treatment costs or returned to you if you are not suitable for treatment or do not wish to go ahead. 

why choose q-switched?

Our "Active Q-Switched Laser" is completely safe to use on all skin types. This is not true for all other lasers. There can be greater post-treatment risks with CO2 and pico lasers, for example when used on sensitive or darker skins.

With our laser, the risk of hyperpigmentation following treatment is kept minimal, even if you receive many treatments.


Would a pico laser work better?

"Active Q-Switched Laser" is still the gold standard in tattoo removal. Pico technology has the potential for quicker clearance of certain coloured tattoos. Studies have shown no difference when it comes to black/blue pigments.

The difference is minimal in terms of the number of sessions, but picosure, picomax, picoway laser sessions cost significantly more, so cost savings may not actually materialise with a pico clinic.

We feel it’s very much a case of Lamborghini vs Ferrari here with both nano and pico technologies being capable of excellent results and the outcomes really being more down to the tattoo you have and the skill of your practitioner in addressing it.

How much does it cost?

From £45. See latest BooshTOX pricelists and offers HERE

Any recent pictures and examples?

Sure! Just head over to our tattoo dedicated Instagram HERE


Our Q10 Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser produces very short bursts at massive amounts of power instantly. It can remove targeted pigments selectively with minimal impact on the dermis and epidermis. It has special features which ensure maximum comfort and fast skin regeneration.

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